Study visits

Nicotine Policy and Regulation Study Visits in the UK

Study Tours Outline

As a result of our harm reduction work we have received numerous requests to assist with organising meetings in the UK for colleagues in other countries, who regard the approach to policy and regulation here as in many ways a leading model.

Having organised study visits previously, for those involved in drugs and alcohol harm reduction – including for UNODC - we now propose to offer opportunities for groups of colleagues to have a structured visit to the UK. Based in London a visit will include a combination of the following elements, tailored to meet the specific interests of those taking part:

  • a briefing on the principles and history of harm reduction and how it applies to tobacco
  • meetings with leading figures in policy and regulation of nicotine
  • meetings with leading academics and scientists studying and evaluating the development and use of new and safer nicotine products
  • meetings with nicotine consumer advocates, to better understand their experiences
  • visits to ‘e-cig friendly’ stop smoking services, to meet professionals and users of the services
  • visits to vape shops, to meet vendors and hear their views and concerns on regulation
  • attending a ‘vape meet’ to hear directly from consumers and see products being used
  • visits to drugs harm reduction services to see principles in practice

In addition to the formal meetings and presentations, there will also be time for informal discussion with Knowledge•Action•Change staff, who will accompany the group throughout the visit.

Ordinarily a visit will last 3/4 days, with the length determined to fully meet the needs of the group. Planning for a visit will involve discussions with representatives of those wishing to take part to agree an itinerary for the time in the UK. Usually we would require a minimum of one month to complete the necessary arrangements for the series of meetings, prior to the arrival of the participants.

Logistics during the visit

Knowledge•Action•Change have the services of a partner travel company, Anderson Tours and they will provide transport to the various venues throughout the course of the visit. This can include airport transfers where required.

Groups are required to arrange their own travel to the UK and hotel accommodation for the duration of the visit.

Lunches and refreshments during the visit can be arranged.


Knowledge•Action•Change will always deliver at a competitive price, with the cost for a visit depending on the level of service required by the group.

For more information and to discuss what might be required for your group, please contact Kevin Molloy and he will assist you taking things forward.

Knowledge•Action•Change was established and registered as a company in the UK in 2011. It is a private limited company, owned and managed by Professor Gerry Stimson, Paddy Costall and Grzegorz Krol, which is committed to the development and promotion of evidence-based policies and interventions in the field of substance use and related areas of public health and public policy.

The organisational ethos is to link knowledge transfer and policy development to achieve impact and affect change at organisational, community, national and international levels.

In 2014 we organised the first Global Forum on Nicotine which is now an established annual event, held in Warsaw, Poland, attracting over 350 participants, from 50+ countries around the world. The conference seeks to bring together scientists, policy makers, public health professionals, academics and consumers of nicotine products, in order to promote evidence-based policy and regulation in respect of new and safer nicotine products.